Yak’éi haat yigoodí

It is good that you have come here

Welcome to the official website for Sheet’ká Ḵwáan Tribe/Sitka Tribe of Alaska, the Tribal government for Sheet’ká, also known as Sitka, Alaska. The Tlingit people have lived here for thousands of years. Traditionally, our people were governed through clans, which remain an important part of our culture. Sheet’ká Ḵwáan Tribe/Sitka Tribe of Alaska is a sovereign entity and a federally-recognized Tribal government that provides services to our enrolled citizens and the community at large.

Building Community, Connectedness, & Well-Being

Our Tribal programs and services are rooted in our values, culture and Haa Kusteeyí – our way of life – that is inextricably connected to our homeland. We offer opportunities for learning, connection, creative expression, healing, and economic growth. We practice stewardship of our unceded land and waters, and live in harmony with other creatures that share this place. We extend love and support to our Elders, children, and our citizens in need of financial support. Learn more about our programs and services below.

Providing Economic Growth & Opportunity

Sheet’ká Ḵwáan Tribe/Sitka Tribe of Alaska actively seeks out business prospects to provide employment for Tribal citizens and generate economic activity in Sitka. Our enterprises currently include cultural tourism, retail, gaming, and a food business incubator. Find out more about our enterprises below.

Exercising Sovereign Rights & Powers

Our sovereignty is inherent to our existence as a people. We have always had the right to govern ourselves and determine our future. Just like other governments at the federal and state levels, we have a constitution and code of laws, and elect our own leaders. We welcome and encourage Tribal citizen involvement in self-governance. Our meetings are generally open to our citizens and the public. Learn about our government, get involved and help us realize our goal of developing a relationship with every Tribal citizen.

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Work With Us!

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