Esther Kennedy

Environmental Specialist

(907) 747-7197

Esther Kennedy moved to Anchorage at age two, but left the state in 2009 to study Earth and Planetary Science at Harvard University. During college, Esther was fortunate enough to work as a geology field assistant in the Brooks Range and northern Canada, where she prepared for Southeast Alaska by camping in the rain for weeks at a time. After graduating, she moved to southwest Wyoming to work for the National Park Service at Fossil Butte National Monument. Her nostalgia for being wet and cold was too great, however, and she moved to Sitka in October 2014 to work as a joint AmeriCorps volunteer with STA and the Sitka Conservation Society. After a year of volunteer service, Esther is ecstatic to be expanding her work on harmful algal blooms, starting an ocean acidification monitoring program, and joining the ranks of the gainfully employed as the Sitka Tribe's Environmental Specialist.